S-Block ball bearing 8 mm - 1 sheave, swivel

Item number: 3565070000


bearingPlastic ball bearing
Safety working load150 kg
  • smooth running plastic ball bearing (red point = ball bearing)especially suitable for slightly veering
  • optimized rope guidance by specially formed cheek parts and continuous strap of stainless steel for more security and stability
  • wobble riveting avoids sharp burrs on the rivet head
  • marking of the maximum rope Ø in the enhancing strap
  • cheek of glass fibre reinforced polyamide (UV-resistant)
  • with removable becket

Versatile 8 mm block with swivel.

The sturdy stainless steel tab shows the type of bearing used and the maximum rope thickness at a glance - a practical feature of all articles in the S-block series.

Further advantages at a glance:

  • optimal rope guidance due to curved side panels

  • side parts and pulley made of UV-resistant, glass-fibre reinforced plastic

  • dimensionally stable, continuous stainless steel strap for added stability and safety

  • indication of the type of bearing used and maximum rope thickness on the stainless steel tab

  • no sharp ridges on the rivet head thanks to tumble riveting

  • »Made in Germany« - manufactured in our own factory in Iserlohn, North Rhine-Westphalia

  • constant quality checks - before, during and after production

  • excellent price/performance ratio

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Safety working load150 kg
Weight34 g
bearingPlastic ball bearing

Smooth-running ball bearing blocks are very suitable for all areas where lines have to be pulled through quickly and largely by hand. Examples are the single line reefing system or the deflection of sheets, as well as the lines used to haul and fly the traveller. Especially when there is little wind, trimming becomes much more sensitive. The use of ball bearings is a major advantage, especially on small boats, where most of the lines are run out of hand.

The numbers in the reinforcing straps indicate the maximum rope strength.

The S-Block series is a continuously improved version of the old series. The design has been revised; the recognition value is high.

The following points have been improved:

  • optimal chewing performance due to curved side parts
  • form stable continuous stainless steel flap for more stability and safety
  • max. Rope thickness and bearing type in the reinforcing tab
  • Wobble riveting prevents sharp burrs on rivet head
  • Side parts made of high-quality, glass fibre reinforced plastic (UV-resistant)
  • Compact design, low overall height
  • Also available in needle roller bearings

With Sprenger you have the fittings with the best price/performance ratio on the market. In tests conducted by the well-known magazines YACHT and SEGELN, Sprenger blocks were the test winners and achieved the highest scores. The working and breaking loads, the catalogue data in accordance with the actual values and the corrosion resistance were tested.
Perhaps you are familiar with the well-known sailor Wilfried Erdmann. He circumnavigated the earth in about 330 days in 1984. About 20 years later he repeated this one-handed circumnavigation, this time even against the prevailing wind directions. He not only used the same boat for both circumnavigations, but for the most part also the same Sprenger blocks. Is there any better proof of the durability and quality of Sprenger fittings?
But our fittings are not only popular with circumnavigators around the world. Sprenger products are also very popular with cruising and regatta sailors.

Sprenger fittings are for boats and yachts up to about 10 m Loa. Here we have a wide assortment.



Length over all

=from front to rear fixed point (bow - stern)