Ball bearing base 10 mm

Item number: 3539000000


bearingPlastic ball bearing

Flexible ball bearing base with high extension arm for maximum 13 mm rope, can be rotated 180°, 210° or 360°.

The ball bearing base can convince with various advantages:

  • the spring fixation prevents the spring from catching on to the block

  • integration of four water drains into the base plate

  • the mounted u-shaped adapter fits for many blocks, e. g. the ball bearing ratchet block from SPRENGER (art. no. 35360 710 55)

  • defined ratcheting with adjustable pressure point - the user determines whether the base is whirled freely or how strongly the brakes are applied

  • two rows of Delrin balls ensure easy rotation and free, unhindered running - even under load

  • the mounted Camlan® cam cleat is suitable for ropes with a diameter of 8-13 mm and can be mounted on or under the extension arm

  • the rope can run through the wide and deep cut-out directly into the Camlan® cam cleat without the need for pubic filaments

  • optimally angled extension arm, made of sturdy aluminum, anodised

Important notes on the extension arm limitation:

Two pre-assembled stainless steel screws prevent overtightening. Please make the desired limitation before mounting the base!

  • with two screws mounted outside: 180° limitation (delivery condition)

  • with one screw centrally mounted: 210° limit

  • without screws: free whirling, no limitation


Further advantages at a glance:

  • »Made in Germany« - manufactured in our own factory in Iserlohn, North Rhine-Westphalia

  • constant quality checks - before, during and after production

  • excellent price/performance ratio

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Weight370 g
bearingPlastic ball bearing

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