08/19/2019Boat sports

We support TamTam Sailing

Since July 2015, the two of them have been living on board, have completely dissolved their apartment and their entire daily lives are taking place on board. The first time they lived on their old TamTam, a nine meter long Albin Ballad and explored the English Channel, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea with her.

In February 2017 they expanded and their new home is now a Beneteau First 375, which they bought in France and transferred to Germany for extensive conversion work. This brings you a good step closer to your goal of living and working on board regardless of location. The passion for sailing has been with both of you since childhood, because you were on the water at an early age through your parental home.

Together they made the coasts of Europe with the Bulli and the surfboards on the roof unsafe for years at the beginning, beside sailing windsurfing and surfing is another big passion. With the Bulli you travelled a total of 11 countries, but caught yourself again and again, that it drew you to the marinas where you watched the departing sailors.

So it turned out that you spontaneously bought your first ship together, a Waarschip 725. Beside smaller tours on the Weser you went on your own keel for several weeks from Bremen to the Baltic Sea and back again. Here you noticed that you want a little more space and comfort and that a ship with built-in diesel has certain advantages.

So you came to your Albin Accent which you could get hold of by chance in Denmark in a great condition. But the desire for more came up again sometime and so you searched further for a ship, which comes for longer time into question, could take you everywhere and also beyond the Baltic Sea and North Sea comfort and a certain measure of security offers. You have always been enthusiastic about the Albin Ballad, which is why you bought it later.

Meanwhile you get almost daily emails or Facebook messages with questions about life on board, especially overwintering on board seems to be a topic that meets with great interest.

Therefore they decided to bundle your experiences and publish them on their blog www.tamtam-sailing.de